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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wow, KinderCamp was a blast!

We have finished our three-day KinderCamp in Barnum, Minnesota. The children come in for two hours each day for some time in the classroom. Our main goal is to have children as comfortable with the teachers and our school as possible before the first day of school. Things went great! If anyone wants to share about any pre-kindergarten, summer activities, please do so! Here is the sign we made to put outside the school for KinderCamp. 


Jackie Gray said...

That is a cool idea! Do you have a good response? We have prek summer school, kiddos come and go through daily routines for a month-1/2 day. I like right before school though! Thanks for sharing!

Randi Lembke said...

Last year we had 3/4 of the students attend. This year we only had about 1/2. Several parents mentioned that this week didn't work for their schedule. We may look into spreading the days into two weeks next year so that more children can attend. Thanks for your response:)

William Smith said...

You have such dedication. Your students are lucky to have a teacher like you.

william Smith