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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Communication, Weebly, and Symbaloo

Busy, busy, busy! Teachers often take the summer months to further their education, read and research educational concepts, and assemble classroom resources. That is exactly what I have been doing and would like to share with others. After all, I appreciate all of the resources others have shared with me.

I have created a classroom curriculum page utilizing Weebly. There is page for each of the possible units the kiddos will cover over the school year. Each page includes links via Symbaloo, iPad suggested applications, and ideas as to what the children may choose to do when studying the unit.

First, I want to share a few key points about me and how the classroom I work in operates. There are some central beliefs, as I don't want my goals to be misinterpreted.

  • Students in the classroom are their first teacher, the teacher is actually a guide
  • Although I lay out a 'plan' of units, they are open to change as students' interests change
  • Nothing can replace solid, hands-on, real-world experiences 
  • Technology is a tool and not the only means to an effective education (although it is wonderful)
  • I plan on integrating project-based learning topics this year, although it is not included on the site (yet)
The goal for this site is to communicate with families various activities and curricular events we will be discussing in class. Although I update my blog and the students update theirs, a central location with information seemed useful.

Please check over the site and offer any suggestions. I will be adding PBL ideas as the year progresses, as well as more sites on Symbaloo and iPad applications. This is just a start; a work in progress.

The Symbaloo pages I have created are all linked within the Weebly site, however here is a direct link if you are interested. 

Thanks in advance for any assistance and enjoy the remaining days of Summer!