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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

1. Don't forget why you became a teacher in the first place. When topics of standards, funding, and testing start to wear you down just take a break. Have a little playtime with your kiddos!

2. Prioritize: This will probably be on a lot of lists today. You have to be ready to put some things off. I like to keep a file (on my iPad with Evernote) of ideas or to do items. It can be refreshing to know that ideas are still there and you will get to them eventually. 

3. Practice, practice, practice! Kids need those routines. It not only helps them, but helps other teachers who will be with your kids. Practice those basics to song to make them more fun. 

4. Ask for help: I have asked my colleagues for help and built some good relationships because of my willingness to ask. Everyone has their strong areas of expertise and their not so strong. I know mine. This brings me to number five...

5. Know you limits. It is okay to not know everything and use resources. 

6. Keep the positive relationships in your building strong: Do not get involved in gossip or negative ideas. Surround yourself with positive people and show others that you are a positive person. 

7. Things will not always workout and schedules will change. Show your students that you are flexible to help build their sense of security with change. 

8. Family comes first: Don't forget to keep your home time your own. 

9. Keep up with new ideas through blogs, websites, forums, and courses. Never stop learning!

10. When anything starts to stress you and get your down, I find the best medicine is to play a game in the classroom. The kids cheer me up right away!